Sometimes you have to take a step back from the life you have been living for so long and evaluate. Am I happy? Could I be happier? I did this recently. Yes, I am happy and life has been a pretty smooth ride; however, I could definitely be happier and the ride could be smoother. So I made changes-some temporary, some permanent, some whose length has not yet been determined.

Hell no. It is not always easy. I have felt my share of heartache, & of course there can still be consequences regardless of whether the end result will be a fulfilling one. But there is always room for more happiness, always. &  it is something everyone deserves, something that only we can create, and something ourselves are solely responsible for. So evaluate and make the changes needed for a more fulfilling  life. We can’t waste what little time we have.

It takes patience.

A clear mind…an open mind

& a calm heart.


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