This will be rather short and to the point.

Perfect; none of us are. Why? Because perfection is nonexistent. It isn’t a thing. So we continue to be disappointed when we think otherwise. Silly people these days, striving for perfection and beating themselves up when they can’t have it. But we’re all guilty of it.

Perfection. Although unrealistic, it is all relative. Something/someone could be perfect in your eyes, but in that there are imperfections of course. It is the imperfections that make someone perfect.

Say what?

So lets begin by agreeing that straight up perfection is unobtainable.

Body Image.

We’ll start with this truly depressing selfie.


This is the first photo where I was able to see just how crooked my mouth is. But when I realized it I could have cared less. I was more mind blown that I hadn’t realized it until then.

Time to embrace it.

I’ve been informed that my smile is the feature that “lights up a room”.  So high fives for my lack of symmetry!

Now…I notice it, acknowledge it and continue on.


Actually, I’ve learned that the faces considered most attractive are the faces with most symmetry. However, despite my lack of symmetry it looks like you’re still reading my blog.


What if I gave a shit about symmetry?

What if I gave a shit about what people thought?

What if…

                                         …I changed my appearance…

…because I gave a shit about people giving a shit?

What if I wanted to erase all physical imperfections…and become barbie instead.


Well then I’d be a damn fool.

Despite her drastic (drastic is an understatement) physical alterations, nothing about this girl screams perfection. Nothing.

It is unnatural.

It is pretty gross.

I thought this would be good humor for my post but now I kinda want to throw up.

Moving on:

Embrace your imperfections because when you take a look around they aren’t so imperfect after all.

Why beat yourself up over something you have no control over?

Why apologize for genetics? It’s as silly as it sounds. I sure as hell won’t. But I what I will do is continue not giving a shit.


They make us different.

They make us stand out.

They make us memorable.

They make us human.


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