Lets be real-our filters and photo-shopped pictures aren’t fooling anyone. I can edit my photo as much as I damn well please but once someone meets me in person they know the reality of Kait-or wrath of Kait, rather. (I must admit that I am challenged and therefore do not use photoshop. I’m strictly a filter girl.)

For example: DAMN GURL, DEM EYEZ.


But for every “damn gurl, dem eyez” photo there’s always 5 of these…even when you’re sober.

WP4 WP1 IMG_2448 WP9 WP3   And 5 of these…obviously when you’re not sober.

WP2 WP5 WP6 WP8 WP10

I mean, this cat photo should really have it’s own category. Something along the lines of “horrifyingly real”. It’s like I’m in a dungeon…with a cat that isn’t even mine. For all I know I could have been. The Effects of Everclear  -no, I’m not about to write an article. But I definitely could accurately do so.

My actual point of this post: It’s okay to look like shit.

A more delicate way of putting it is…it’s okay to show off your expressions. Us humans have hundreds of expressions outside of the cute shy girl smile, that bro-swag face, or the dreaded duck face.

(& I make it a point to never make that face-even when intoxicated)

Now I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’m proud of all I am capable of in terms of facial expressions; however, I’m pretty damn impressed and so are the people who have chosen to befriend me. They think it’s hysterical and simply say that I’m real. Then I proceed to rub off on them and it looks something like this…



I’ll never apologize for looking ridiculous because I’ll never apologize for having fun…and testing the elasticity of my face.




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