Allow me to rant real quick about people and their road rage. So this week this fool cuts me off. I proceed to raise one hand up just to make sure he knows that he almost hit me and he proceeds to go ape shit-flailing his arms and obviously raising hell.

1. You look like unbelievably stupid right now.

2. You forgot to take yours meds today? No-that’s more of a statement. You forgot your meds.

3. YOU almost hit ME, remember?

4. I’m already over it and jammin’ out to my girl Lana Del Rey…but it’s hilarious that you’re not.

& so I laugh at you. And you know why I laugh at you? Because laughing is effortless. Anger takes my effort, energy, time, and other things that you’re not worth giving.

But you chose anger. Maybe you can do the “embarrassed that you’re an awful driver” wave the next time you decide to endanger someone’s life.

It’s nice to know that I was worth the effort…

Moving forward: laughter.

It keeps my sanity-it is a high and a release.

There are times when I stand in front of a mirror and make myself laugh. I can literally bring myself to tears. Then there are other times where I’ll take photos of myself that are just horrid-for the laugh. (then I proceed to send them to my father so he can see the mess he created)

I have been told that my smile can lighten up a room-that it’s contagious. God knows I’m not saying that to flatter myself. HOWEVER, I am happy it has that effect-esp in comparison to some of the ‘smiles’ I  see on miserable looking people that I encounter on a daily basis. And being able to put a ridiculous grin on someone’s face after a shit day is pretty awesome.

A special thanks to genetics.


…and a life worth smiling about.

There is a lot to smile about-you just need to open your eyes.


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