Too frequently people concern themselves in the business of other people. & now these days a lot of this has to do with equal rights–but I’m definitely not delving into all that today.

The real reason for choosing this topic this week is because my relationship with a family member ended a few days ago. Why? Because he was concerning himself with everyone’s business but his own & I finally got tired of seeing it all over facebook.

Facebook. Really? Why do you post shit for people to read?

It’s like he wanted a good argument.

So he got one.

The reality is that he is stuck in his old ways, believes only in his point of view, envies the happiness of other people, and denies that the world is changing. [not that he would ever admit to any of this] Bro, it’s 2014. Get real.

But did I say that to him? No-that’s too vague. I wanted to be clear but not too blunt. So instead I told him that ‘ignorance says a lot about character’. [except I said it in french 1. because we’re french. 2. because he knows french. 3. because people don’t need to know what I’m saying to him.] Was I being clever? Who knows.

My point(s)

1. If you’re looking for a good argument there’s a chance that you’ll get one…and you’re probably not going to like it.

2. Negative opinions aren’t doing anyone any good. This includes yourself.

3. When you take the to time judge other people you’re really just wasting your time.

4. Did we ask for your opinion? No.

5. & do we care what yours is? No.


6. Sir, your presence in my life was not benefiting me and I just don’t have time for your shit.

You will go to your grave the same man you have been your entire life. What a damn shame.



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