: the way you think about or understand someone or something

Perception-something we’ve had since birth. As an infant our perception is based on characteristic preference of stimuli and a bunch of other shit I won’t bore you with.

So lets talk about us.

How we perceive something now results from experiencing life and is based on what we’re looking for…but what are we looking for? And why are we looking for those things specifically? And how do we know if we’re looking for the right thing?

Well I don’t have the answers to questions like these either.

So lets get to the purpose of this post: my perception.

The way I perceive things is based on my experience and excessive observation. I find perception to be very valuable–and the way one perceives something says a lot about them.

At the point in my life I have been paying close attention to what people perceive as important. Finishing your educating and starting your career. Finding a permanent relationship, your “soul-mate” they call it. Buying a home and perhaps a shiny car; becoming “successful”.

It all sounds good and fine, right? But what do people have to sacrifice for those things? At the end of the day are they actually happier than people who choose a low key job after college and decide to travel and run their old car into the ground?

Kinda sounds like…the story of my life! What I perceive as important is happiness. And I think people get caught up in what is “important at our age” and sacrifice their happiness  for those things when it isn’t even what they truly want.

I’m not looking to dig a grave for my youth yet. And I certainly don’t want to look back on my life at 50 regretting my rush into things solely because I was told they were “important” at my age.

I’m not typing here with the intention of persuading anyone of anything, but I very much love where I am at 23.




& what’s a blog post on perception without a little experimental psychology? RIP Edwin Boring.



“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”



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