In times of defeat sometimes humor is the best policy.

My friend and I are planning a big move to Colorado next year but it’s not like we’re actually prepared on any level for such a move. We figured that making light of the subject would help us mentally so we turned to humor.

Every Thursday Rachel and I take a walk around a nearby lake. We vent about life and talk about our move. That’s pretty much it. But we somehow always have so much to say. When it comes to moving our conversations typically have something to do with money, jobs, school, and…


Me: So when dad and I were in Colorado I was showing dad the college town in Boulder. After he approved of the campus I told him that I would send him our box address once we’re out there.

 Me: Dude if I actually go to school in the fall I’m going to smell like horrible in class since we’ll be living in boxes.

Rachel: Just sit in the back by the window and you’ll be fine.

Me: Good idea. & I’ll bring a box to sit in for class. My to-go box.

Me: I’m looking at boxes for us online.

Rachel: Yeah, I’ll be able to get plenty from my mom’s work. We’ll make a fort.

Me: & cover it with a blue tarp like squatters do. We will be the definition of squatters.

Rachel: Taking all the men to our box-rooms.

Me: Of course.

Rachel: Sound proofing not included.

Me: Don’t box f*ck too loud or I’ll hear you.

 The rest of our conversations go something like…

 Me: We could always live in a cave.

Rachel: We’ll be in there for months at a time with very little sunlight.

Me: You can braid my leg hair.

Rachel: I’ll braid your leg hair as you braid my arm hair. & when we finally out of the cave we’ll look like…


*add screeching/hissing noises*

 Me: We could always live in a shed.

Rachel: How would that work?

Me: Sheds can have lofts. We’d share a bed and have your 17 cats with us.

Rachel: I have 2 cats.

Me: My swollen shut eyes won’t give a shit about how many cats you have.

 Me: Can I has job?

Rachel: You can do it!

Me: I’m motivated I think.

Rachel: You’re a strong independent black woman that don’t need no man to complete her.



We should probably start taking this matter seriously and move the hell out of this town.

Wish us luck!



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