I sure was. However, as many of you have noticed, I’ve been bit by the travel bug and needless to say it has made living here more tolerable.

We’ve all got big dreams, don’t we? For many of us this includes traveling the world! As most people my age know traveling the world fresh out of college is not exactly easy…to afford. My solution? Travel the country, your country, wherever that may be. Unfortunately, there are some who don’t give this country a chance. We are led to believe that all beauty lies outside of these borders. Cultural differences excites us, the unknown intrigues us, and we want to get out there and experience it.

But guess what? This place we live in has beauty, cultural diversity…and most of it remains unknown to us. I say this from personal experience. I’m no different than most people in college/fresh out of college. I wanted to get out there and see what the world has to offer, but I wasn’t exactly rolling in money. I was a barista for the love of God. Going out of the country was ideal but there way no way in hell I could “eat, pray, love” in my position.

I am now an addict. Within days of returning home I’m already planning my next adventure. Exploring within these limits has not been a limiting experience, instead it has motivated me further and helped me appreciate the beauty of my own town.

This brings me to my second purpose of this blog…photography of my town. Next photography project: The streets of Baltimore. Over the next few weeks I will be biking around the hood, from the sidestreets to the alleys, while avoiding the tourist trap of the harbor, capturing the real Baltimore experience along with the beauty that comes with it. The truth of the streets-what so many people avoid.

city street

Baltimore has a shitty rep these days, one of crime, murder, drugs, poverty and violence among other things.

This too is a traveling experience for me; to see parts of Baltimore I never knew existed; parts of Baltimore I was always apprehensive of wondering into. But I’m going into this with an open mind. Can’t live in fear especially when you live in Baltimore.

Keep an eye out for a new tab in the upcoming weeks!



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