Ever been advised not to do something? Perhaps it was for “your own good”, perhaps because the person doing the advising wanted your actions to remain in the legal range [boring], or perhaps it was simply the fact that this person was envious of some super rad plan you had.

At times I am envied for being rebellious which is strange to me. If you want to do something…do it. It really can be that simple. What is the hold up? Too much time is being wasted when you’re soaking in envy.

Perhaps it’s a matter of allowing yourself to do certain things. People often blame personality,  however, I believe we are all capable of the same things and that something being out of character is a poor excuse. If it’s something that interests you then it’s obviously in your character-perhaps a part of you that you didn’t know existed.

Perhaps what’s stopping you is the long list of potential consequences that could result from this spontaneous or rebellious act. I avoid these types of lists. Within minutes you can talk yourself out of something that would have been awesome. And why try to plan the end result? Aren’t we doing this for the thrill in the first place?

Adviser, your concern means you care. Okay, great. But if I wanted your opinion I would have asked for it. I don’t need someone trying to talk me out of things, but I’ll take a partner in crime any day.

Rebellion. It has a variety of appearances.


It may look like giving zero shits from 14,000 feet.


Or it could look like my 82 year old grandmother drinking on heart meds.


Or it may look like my dog giving zero shits about her hygiene.

It may even look like the ass tattoo that will definitely not be posted here.

Whatever the idea may be-just go for it. Chances are you’ll have the time of your life or end up in the back of a cop car. I’m not necessarily telling anyone to laugh in death’s face, we were given common sense for a reason…

…but take the chance.


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