First time occurrence:

I told someone how old I was turning; twenty-three. I paused-jaw dropped. Twenty-three? Twenty-three! I sat there with the most perplexed grin- & not because twenty-three is old but because I finally understood- wrapped my head around- the fact that life was not slowing down.

It was as if my life scrolled through my head right there; grade school, grandparents, anniversaries, divorce, death, graduation, relationships, hobbies, sacrifices. It kept going.

My smile was huge. What a bizarre ride this has been. But still, how did I get to be twenty-three? Am I an adult? What? Oh God no-no please, not yet.

Well, since there is no way of getting around the fact that I am twenty-three, I am going to make the best of it.

Experience. Experience. Experience.     It is what you do with it.

“You’re wise beyond your years,” they tell me.

Well lets do something with it then.


Cheers to 23 years.





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