Doing super rad things can be hard

How? Well, in the same way following your heart can be! In my case, doing super rad things and following my heart meant moving to Colorado. So here I am. I moved here 5 months and 13 days ago. I had no doubts, no potential earth shaking struggles I could think of. However, in my recent realization I have concluded that I’m not adjusting to life here as well as I kept telling myself I was. BUT HOW!? There is an overwhelming amount of beauty and fresh air here! A clean slate, too! Life here is basically a continuous vacation.
So, self, what’s the dilemma?
For a start, the week after I moved my lovely Grandma’s (aka Gram Cracka) health started to decline and since then it’s only gotten worse. Since I’m her only grandchild it blows twice as hard. I’ve been going home more often than I initially expected. I’ve also been calling her excessively. So really, I’m not able to put total energy into adjusting to my new Colorado life. Secondly, my child (aka dog) Ellie… I miss this thing to death and being without her can be a real challenge considering every single person in Boulder has at least 1 dog. She’s the piece of home that I could really use during an adjustment like this. Lastly, my lover is still living in Baltimore.
Here’s the thing about moving across the country:
  3. You finally wrap your head around the fact that this new place is now home. One of two thoughts then occur:
1. Fuck yes-I love life. (overwhelming excitement)
2. How did I get here and why? (total fucking confusion)
It isn’t even that I’m home sick, although I do worry about Gram Cracka, but I know everyone else there is alive and well. I also know that I have the resources to come back whenever I need to (aka I’m not a hobo). I just have this gut feeling that another place is better for me, and that’s okay. I’m also excited to figure out where that place is! I’m also enjoying the cheap rent so that I can explore the shit out of this place and the rest of the wild west.
Some people think I’m crazy. Some people envy me. Some people are dying to visit this place now that they’ve seen excessive Facebook photos of my life here. Some people think I have guts. Some people are like “omg I could never” in which case please go away. But really, anyone can do this, it’s only uprooting and leaving the only place you’ve ever called home along with everyone is there…
All in all it’s been the best adventure yet, and it sure as hell won’t be the last.
Advice for those who want some change: Go before you talk yourself out of it. 

A Colorado Sunrise

Why do I willingly go into work at 7am? Let me give you an idea…

The sun rises in Boulder come in all different colors, cloud types, and intensity. When my world wakes up, it’s a beautiful thing. Some of these photos are taken from my car and some from my desk–so they aren’t the most well thought out photos…I’d like to share the beauty.

I’m one lucky gal.






Kaite got a new camera


This past weekend my dad and I went to Vail, CO to get out of cloudy Boulder and to see the fall colors.  The color we saw there was breathtakingly beautiful. We took the gondola up Vail Mountain then proceeded to hike “off-trail” to the summit because most trails were closed. We basically did what we wanted–and oh was it worth it. This was the first day I used my new canon and I’m pretty satisfied.

& this is me post-3,500 ft descend and post-ridiculously good drinks.


We gave minimal shits which allowed us the best day we could have asked for in Vail.

Thanks, dad ❤

“All we do is drink beer and hike.”

Hello beautiful people from all over!

So Rachel and I made it to Colorado and so far everything is grand. It seems as though our search for work is coming to a close, but we are still crossing our fingers. You should, too! We’ve applied for a lot of jobs.

A lot. Of. Jobs.

We had a lot of interviews here and there and everywhere. Some good, some crap, and some great. (I had more crap ones) When we weren’t job hunting we pretty much drank a lot of beer and hiked. We also biked, but that was usually to a bar to drink more beer. I mean other than that…we haven’t done all that much, but we’re pretty satisfied.

However, one of the rad-er things we’ve done while we’ve been here is a private tour of New Belgium Brewing (we aren’t sorry). Straight up private, behind the scenes, laboratory-chemisty-beer shit.



The guy in the background is Mr. Ballin’-ass New Belgium Employee that hooked us up. The other photo shows the employee bar in which we poured our own beers…and won.

Anyway, that’s all I really got for now. Thanks for sticking around to see what we’re up to.

Much love & ☮

Farewell Charm City

I decided that this is my last summer in Baltimore. I therefore decided that this is will the most awesome summer in Baltimore. I created a check list of things I needed to do before July 30th, 2015. Lets leave Baltimore the right way, shall we?


Outdoor festivals while reconnecting with your longest childhood friend, Vicki. #honfest


Street parades in front of your work brought to you by the American Visionary Art Museum.


Outdoor concerts with your family and future Colorado roommate. #hozier


Bike Party with some of your favorite people. #promtheme #MDtheme



Road trips to Philly with your best friend to see your best friend. #winwin


Finally seeing the July 4th fireworks over the Inner Harbor in the company of a good friend.


Kayaking with my aunt and my cute man in PA.


Patterson Park adult pool party. I was garbage.


Boating with my dad and my other favorite people.



Quality time with my brother from another mother.


Dates at the Inner Harbor ❤


And most importantly hanging out with my best friend.

& even more importantly, spending your last night in Baltimore and your grandma’s house. #sleepover

I think it’s time for something different.

Two nights ago I signed a lease. Now typically after signing a lease there’s no turning back. This isn’t me saying that this situation has some exception, this is me reiterating that there’s no turning back.

In August I’ll be living in Boulder, Colorado, something I’ve wanted for almost two years.

Pretty badass, right?

What’s even better?

I’m moving with my best friend.


I’ve known this lady since Kindergarden & like we always have to mention…I’m 20 minutes older.


Now obviously there are many emotions hitting me at this point in time. One minute I’m 100% certain that I’ll get out there and succeed at everything I want to do/be able to support myself/will be “just fine” and the next minute I’m going to fall on my ass/cry everyday/never find a job. Maryland has been my home for my entire life and regardless of how ‘old’ it is for me everything is here.

Some things I am certain about. I know this move will help me grow and figure out a bit more about myself. It will also be a really good test: Kait has no choice but to find work and support herself 1,700 miles from home. There’s really no other option. So this is obviously testing myself and how quickly I can get my shit together. & the two things I need to do this?

1. Tenacity-during the job search, at the interview, and at the job.

2. Confidence-in myself.

I’ve already been told by multiple people that they wish they would have done something like this at my age. My thoughts are that they didn’t want it badly enough.

Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.

My thoughts right now?


Looks like I need to start getting my shit together.

♥ & ☮    I’m out ✌


Exploring with the best company



Sometimes the most enjoyable experiences come from exploring on your own. So today I decided to do just that.

 I was initially pissed because I hate snow. I have vented about snow for extended amounts of time, and while it doesn’t solve anything, it feels pretty damn good.

Today I chose to do the opposite. Schools closed early so I didn’t have to help the kiddos with violin at Highlandtown Elem. so I grabbed a coffee from Zeke’s and headed to Lake Montabello to take some photos. However, my camera proceeded to die shortly thereafter so I enjoyed the scenery and headed back to Waverly to check out a local joint I was recently told about.

Normals Book Store.

So rad. I stood there wondering why I hadn’t seen this earlier-I can walk to it from my home. I’ve been in many bookstores like this in Portland, Niantic, and Denver…and always wished there were some in Baltimore…


photo 2-7photo 1-9

photo 3-6

I will be adventuring again soon.