Public Health degree ✓

Unemployed ✓

World is covered in COVID ✓

What should I do? Leave, of course!

So I left.

16 days | 3 states

Where to first? Terrebonne, OR. Karen drove up from San Jose, towing her tear drop camper, and met me at Cait’s house in Terrebonne. What did we do first? Vodka martinis, obviously. We spent 4 nights at Cait’s lil bungalow home. We mostly chilled, which is exactly what I needed. There was no agenda. Naked hot tubbing, visiting alpacas, naps with Frank, the standard poodle, and a dinner party where we met lovely new friends.

Once we left Cait’s, we headed west through Sisters (v cute), through Eugene, and once we hit Florence, headed south of the 101. The first night we tear-dropped near the coast in Charleston, OR (weird) and the second night we tear-dropped in Klamath, CA. Our road trip consisted of 101 – 1 – 101, scenic byways (i.e. Avenue of the Giants), bear crossings and beach stops. In all, we drove about 9 hours of the notorious coastline.

Once we got back to San Jose, we stayed at Adam’s, Karen’s husband – no, they don’t live together at the moment – long story. Anyway, I ended up sleeping in the tear drop for 4 nights in his front yard, which was actually not bad and also hilarious. Adam lives with 3 guys and refers to their house as the ‘Yes House’ – and he’s not wrong. One morning I woke up, came inside, was handed an ax and proceeded to ax throw in the backyard next to the marijuana plants. In the Yes House, ax throwing comes before morning coffee. He also threw Karen a psychedelic birthday party – the photos will tell you enough about that night – LOL. “Remember I started crying but no tears came out of my eyes?!” – yea, good times. And of course, the greatest CA finale of all, we went sailing.

Once my Pacific Northwest plans ended, it was off to Texas! Why though?! UGH I KNOW. I have friends there now, so it had to be done. And yes, it was so god damn fucking hot. I swear we ate tex-mex at least twice a day and it was fabulous. We finally got our matching childhood tattoos (that I definitely need to get touched up YIKES) and hit the town for some drinks. It almost felt like normal life! In the second half of my Texas trip, I saw Jill, my friend from CO who’s originally from TX and was there for a few months during COVID. We rented an airbnb that had a pool for 2 nights and chilled hard. Doesn’t take much to entertain us!


And remember kids,

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