Day one: Catskill Mountains, NY. Hit a few breweries. Car camped in North-South Campground. Discovered a beautiful pond.

Challenge: Once I got to the campground, I opened up the back of the forester and sat there looking out at the families and friend groups hangin’ around. I got down. The typical “gonna die alone” “why must I do so much alone” mindset. I forced myself to leave my site and take a walk. I stumbled upon a pond, laid on a nearby boulder, and soaked in the beauty until the sun set. I knew then, that I was going to keep going. I woke at 7am, took a short hike to a waterfall, then continued north. 

Day two: To Burlington we go!  …I go!* The day began with a quick waterfall hike. I then drove into Essex, NY and took a ferry to Burlington. After figuring out lunch, I stumbled upon a beach. Turns out I was swimming in Lake Champlain! IT WAS SO NICE. I hit a brewery on the way to the airbnb and proceeded to pass out. Did you know Burlington has the tallest filing cabinet? LOL yeah, what in the actual fuck.

Challenge: Where to go next!? This trip is SIC!

Day three: East – east – east to the White Mountains. Route 2 – East. Then headed south to loop around Mt Washington and hike to Arethusa Falls. Snuck into Dolly Copp Campground as the storm rolled in and listened to the wind and rain until I passed out.

Challenge: Is a tree going to blow onto my car and kill me? Stay tuned.

Day four: East – east – east to BAR HARBOR, MAINE. Route 2 – East cont. Lunch in Bangor. Bar Harbor by 3pm. Yikes, Bar Harbor is TOURISTY – MUST LEAVE. Headed to SW Harbor for a ferry ride to THE GREAT Cranberry Island. Ferry never came. Asked this gal on the pier what the ferry deal was thinking she was local and she said ‘idk I just wanna go on a boat ride’ and I was like, ‘ey me too actually’. In short, that was beginning of a friendship. We talked to the local guy with too much time on his hands, Bill, and ate blueberries from his yard, realized it had been an hour, then parted ways. The next morning we were going to meet back on the land bridge to Bar Island – 7:30 sharp. Ate a lobster roll at a stand by the side of the road, then headed to my airbnb – a BEAUTIFUL victorian. 

Challenge: Am I going to wake up in time to meet ma new found friend?! TBD.

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Day five: The only miles to go are the ones back to Bar Harbor. Made it to the land bridge – found Steph and her 2 friends. Hiked Bar Island and then headed to Sand Beach in Acadia. After about two hours of cold-ass ocean water and sun bathing, we all hiked Great Head Trail. Around 1 we parted ways to take care of lunch, but we were to meet back at the ferry (round II) for a 2:15 departure to THE GREAT Cranberry Island. What a cute place with a load of history and v friendly locals. We got back, hit the bar, then went back to their cabin for a cozy dinner and lots of laughs. “The thing about jazz is….”

O, y’all wouldn’t understand. 

Challenge: Not Applicable as LIFE IS GRAND

Day six: A lil hungover, what is sleep, I’m going to climb a mountain – Cadillac Mountain! Caught some gorgeous views on my way up, quads shook on the way down, and hit Bar Harbor for a lil shopping before heading out. Damn, this was the end of Acadia. BUT I FINALLY MADE IT! I headed south down the coast to Bath, ME. Why? Family! I have freakin’ family in my favorite state, can you believe it?! It was a wonderful visit with some of mom’s side of the fam. After a late lunch, I OF COURSE headed to Freeport to the OG L. L. Bean! I was picking out my new gun (not) when…Pam?! HEY PAM, CAN I COME CRASH AT YO PLACE? Yes! I headed to Portland for some dinner and kombucha, then continued south to Ogunquit. 


Day seven: I’ve never hated driving so much. Good morning! Crullers in Kittery?! YES. Now what? Idk, guess I’ll drive southwest. Perhaps I’ll camp somewhere. OR PERHAPS I WILL NOT. God what a boring drive and long drive THAT WILL NOT DEFINE MY TRIP. 

What’s next you ask?

You’ll see.  😉