Life here
It’s different
& people ask why I’m here
You need reasoning?


 Change of scenery – people – pace
 I repeat it over and over
I believe it, too


But you, darling, you know I ran
I ran faster than my spirit could fly
Blindly & without thought
Of you – us – like we were


The irony
Finding happiness
Finding that exact thing you’ve wanted
Then running for the mountains


Life here
It’s different
It is beautiful – overwhelming – invigorating
It is lonely – it aches at times – it is without you


Sometimes the only peace I find is behind my eye lids
in my cool bed at night where I bury myself
the sound of loneliness
nothing more than a heart beat


the thought of you
just sweet you
inside every fissure of my brain
until sun rays leaks into my eyes


at that moment I want to see you next to me
your groggy eyes smiling
your warmth radiating onto me
like it was