One’s eyes
communicate with such clarity
while words are needless
Something I had forever been acquainted with
But your eyes
absolutely intoxicating
I found myself gazing into them
far longer than I ever imagined
There was a depth
an unknown
a story
and I was consumed by it
This desire to understand
and to truly know
I wanted more
To know everything there was to know
about you
And this feeling
it was new and unlike any other
but I wasn’t about to question it
Allow me to be the audience for all that is intertwined 
inside your brilliant and beautiful mind
That is all I ask
We walked
accompanied only by street lights
overwhelming lust
and a cool breeze
which scurried through the alleyways
just in time
The immediate future was foreseen 
but we remained quiet
like our city
as it was falling fast asleep
This is the part of the evening when we
thank each other for lovely company
say goodnight
and part our ways
But our night was still young 
much younger than we had imagined
and it was to be nothing less than indelible
 so you pulled me close to your body
and kissed my lips
with a passion I had never known
but have longed for since that moment
a moment relived in memory alone
with you