BOYFRIEND ♥ He came to see me the most (of course) ! When he’s in town we continue our Friday night date tradition as well as adventures such as local hikes, ice skating, and splurging on shows and nice hotels in Denver. ♥

PARENTS ♥Fortunately, Daddy-O got to travel to Colorado 5 times throughout my first year here because of his job. We explored Golden, Fort Collins, Estes Park, Vail and Poudre Canyon, and I was able to show him my favorite things about Boulder and Denver. Our Colorado hobbies include hiking and beer.

Momma came to visit the same month I moved here. We got to show her Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park and Nederland, as well as the one and only Pearl St. Mall in Boulder. She also was able to come about 11 months later along with my cousin. We listened to live jazz and headed back to Estes Park for some high altitude chillin’.


Vicki and Juli came out for an extended weekend/Vicki’s birthday in December. They skied Eldora Springs while I worked and I showed them my fav spots in Boulder on the weekend. I’m forcing them to come back in the summer for a more intense adventure scene.

In January Morgan and Kim drove to Boulder from Baltimore, while Emily and Dan flew here (as would anyone who wanted to avoid a 30 hr drive). However, driving here is definitely the more adventurous route having done it 7 months ago! & they absolutely got an adventure in the snow storm on the way home! We all had a blast. I showed them some of my favorite local spots as well as Denver, which resulted in humping a cow after excessive tequila, as shown above.

Rachel’s Christmas present! Sabina and I plotted and planned for well over a month and surprised the shit out of Rachel. Fortunately, she got snowed in and had an extended stay with us! It was super great to have another familiar face in Boulder. Come back soon!



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