My new job in Colorado has me working with addressing. One day I was mapping something in South Dakota and thought “I wonder how far I am from Mt. Rushmore?” Six hours didn’t seem bad. I texted Rachel immediately and asked if we should do that weekend.


Come to find out, 6 hours is awful, particularly in the dark and especially when you get pulled over in the middle of Wyoming because they think you’re drug trafficking.

Needless to say, Mt. Rushmore is a bit underwhelming. The craftsmanship given when it was built is pretty impressive though. (completed in 1941)

It’s location is a bit ironic as well considering Native Americans pay no mind to who’s president and what the rest of America is caught up in.  & the fact the we suppressed and oppressed them, oh and killed them, and are to blame for the health disparities they experience today……….awk.


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