Sunset on 25N heading toward Wyoming, because road tripping to Mt Rushmore is a thing.

Above is a shot of us on Mt. Sanitas  (one of my first CO hikes…and I died) and a few of the Royal Arch trail.


Other times you hike after you’re acclimated to the altitude and you don’t die.

Halloween house parties look something like this.

Taking your favorite person to your favorite places when they’re visiting.


Sometimes you take dramatic photos on your favorite canyon trail.

Other times you think it’s a good idea to transport a 7 ft Christmas tree like so.

On some mornings your drive looks like this.           & on some mornings your drive looks like this.

Some post-bar selfies look like this.      Some post-bar selfies look like that.

Some nights you’re ready to take on Denver.                Some nights you aren’t.

Sometimes you drink on week nights…and document it.

Other times you’re more constructive and take sky porn.


There are times when you see a ferris wheel and you drive toward it, inevitably ending up on it, to fulfill your inner child.


And those other week nights when you pound too many beers at your first red rocks concert.

No regerts.


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