On this day one year ago, I flew back to Colorado. Two days later, I began my drive to Oregon to start a new adventure. I soon began to explore my new home and sights nearby, and fell in love.

In 2021, I laughed a lot, hiked a lot, bought a lot of rain gear (lolz), ate a lot of raw oysters, baked a lot of bread, reunited with “Uncle Matt” after what felt like one-thousand years, visited 7 national parks, drove across the entire USA, had many visitors, moved again, turned 30, had a wild mental breakdown and came home for two months, finally saw a therapist and psychiatrist, repeatedly questioned my purpose, worked two full-time jobs for 4 months yet couldn’t get ahead, applied to and was rejected from dozens of jobs. It has been a freaking whirlwind for us all, hasn’t it?

A lot of you helped me through this year. A lot of you showed up, and I am eternally grateful for you.

Cheers to another chaotic year.


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