on this chaotic planet. 

Where do I start? 

My mom was a dancer and my dad brewed beer.

I was a 36-hour labor + C-section and mom said she “saw the light” that day hahahaha ok ok ok sorry mom, let’s start again.

I was not a cute baby or a cute child, like god damn. 

Ok never mind, let’s start further into my life. 

(But y’all remember the tooth gap, right? LOL.)

So, I was exposed to a lot of things early in life like sign language, Spanish, dance, gymnastics, soccer, girl scouts (for the thin mints obviously), violin and piano – which really made for a stellar childhood. The languages, including reading music, carried with me my entire life.


I LOVED kindergarten, second grade, and fifth grade.

After first grade, our parents made it so that Jenna and I couldn’t be in class together anymore HAHAHAHAHA. But, I guess that meant that first grade was RADICAL.

I HATED middle school, but made good friends.

High school started out as trash but improved a bit every year.

College was fine, but I was unknowingly destroying my youth. I met VERY GREAT people in community college (#ily). Graduate school was MUCH better despite everyone dying.

My first public health job was in 2017, at Johns Hopkins and it changed my entire EVERYTHING. Colorado always found me employable, while Maryland did not [[so I left MD again and again and again]]

Despite being broke as dirt for 91% of my adult life, I have been from Europe to South America, Central America to Canada. I have spent time in 35 states, my favorites obviously being Hawai’i and Alaska. I have driven the length of Kansas and Missouri more times than ever necessary and more times than I want to admit to. I have lived in three states, and Oregon is in the lead.

I have had my heart torn into shreds and I have maintained my complete lack of interest in both kids and marriage. #NotSadAboutIt

BUT KAIT, you’re thirty now! Aren’t you going to ‘get it together’ soon? 

I hope so as I am tired of being alone. I do want to find a life partner! However, what I haven’t done is settle. I haven’t settled for what is familiar or convenient. Sure, 4+ years in a relationship seems like you are invested. But you damn well know if it’s going to last a lifetime or not. And it wasn’t going to. So, I left.

Statistically, I’ve avoided my first divorce. 

I’ve maintained my independence as a result, and I always. do. what. I. want

Things I know at 30:

-I should have gone to therapy by now

-Nothing I pursue is lucrative 

-Life is really unkind

-Life is really rad

-You choose how you respond to ALL things, and that shapes how people perceive you and how you navigate your world


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