I know some of y’all have the ‘don’t live in fear’ mindset as the holidays are approaching. Here’s the thing: That’s a very shallow and potentially live-threatening thought process. The virus is still very much here and very much kicking our ass.

As you [should] know, the US is No.1 in both cases and deaths from COVID-19. I’ll put in perspective the severity of it for you. Single-day case records: April 14: ~26K, July 14: ~66K, Nov. 14: ~181K. That is, 181,000 new cases EVERY DAY. So, as the Holiday’s approach, as yourself:

-Do I have family members over 65?

-Do I have family members of any age with underlying health conditions?

-Do I have family flying into town?

-Where have I been and who have I seen in the week prior? Have they become symptomatic?

-Do I have a big ass family that wants to rage? If so, here are some tips.

-For the virus to be detected, it’s best to get a test 5-7 days after you have been exposed or think you have been exposed. There is no point in getting tested the day after you hang out with someone symptomatic. So, wait. And quarantine in the meantime.

-Family flying in? You flying in? I myself will be! Same deal applies. If you’re weary about flying, test 5-7 post-flight. This means before you see a bunch of family members. *Airlines who keep their middle seats open*1. Delta 2. SW 3. Alaskan

-Right now in MD, indoor gatherings are limited to 25. This could very well become less prior to the holidays. So, keep your eye out. Violating this leads to fines among other things.

-The sensitivity of rapid antigen tests is generally lower than RT-PCR. Sensitivity means the probability of detecting a true positive test. You don’t want a negative test result when in fact you’re infected with sars-cov-2, do you? No. So, avoid rapid tests if you can.

In closing, please be smart. Don’t put your family’s health and life at-risk. If you care, you’ll be mindful this holiday season. This isn’t the only holiday season we have left. There will be more IF COVID DOESN’T KILL US, OK. Perspective. Prioritize who you want to see. Is grandma 95? Next year not guaranteed? Then get tested and go see her. And if you just wanna know, get tested. I would go to the convention center on Pratt St. they are open Wed and Fri, 8-2, it’s FREE, and I’ve been in and out in literally ten minutes. No appt necessary.

See “Baltimore Convention Center”

“No longer concentrated solely in urban areas or in nursing homes, prisons and factories, the virus seems to flourish wherever people let down their guard.”


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