It’s tomorrow.


Hasn’t this been the longest, most draining four years of your existence? Like a nightmare on repeat. Like a reality show that continuously lowers your IQ. Like a persistent deja vu that makes you question your own sanity.

And every day you wake up and ask yourself, “Is it over yet?”

My friends. Alas. Tomorrow is November 3, 2020.

Let’s be real though.

At this point, it makes my heart ache and eyes well with tears knowing there are friends of mine and family members, my own flesh and blood, voting (yet again) for a man who is incapable of leadership, a man whose beliefs and actions directly hurt and impact my existence on this earth, a man who feeds on fear and bigotry and hate, a man who mocks those who are suffering and offends those he is threatened by, a man who has never expressed empathy for victims of COVID, gun violence, the unemployed, the homeless, the families torn apart at our boarder –

a man who has had one thousand chances to prove himself to this country and has willingly failed every. single. time.

It is now wildly personal and such a challenge to see past the hurt which stems from their tragic decision to vote for him. I’ve said this a million times but I’ll say it again: I can understand voting for him the first time. Ignorance is very real and it’s sad because people so easily believe the false promises. They don’t know any better. I get it, I do. However, a second vote for him is a direct reflection of character and morale, or lack thereof. How brainwashed must one be to incapable of identifying the lack of shared values between you and he? That he doesn’t even share the values of the Republican party?

There is no depth of thought. No motivation to challenge the beliefs fed from previous generations. No desire for growth. Just an adoption of prejudices and oppressive beliefs, in addition to a complete disregard for the well-educated and younger generations.

It’s fucking lazy is what it is. Lazy, disappointing, sad and offensive. I’m going to work my ass off in both formal education and self-education for some lazy turd fuck to mock me and disregard my excessive efforts to educate? I THINK FUCKING NOT.

In 2016, I laughed. I laughed at him running for President. I thought it was a joke. In no life, in no world, did I think that corrupt reality TV star would run the USA.

But then it happened. Obviously NOT the popular vote – and I do NOT agree that his election was “the American people speaking”. But alas, it happened.

But let’s be real. He hasn’t “run” anything. He’s ruined everything.

Anyways, when it happened I went, WHOOAAAAA there are far more stupid idiots in this country than I had ever thought. And in the last 4 years, they’ve only proven that more and more. The behaviors and beliefs from those people are unequivocally the most revolting.

So it’s November 2nd, 2020 and I am frightened. A part of me senses a revolution. We are tired the man child and his hate speech and oppressive beliefs and irresponsibility. But there’s also a part of me, thanks to the 2016 election, that is paralyzed with fear and anxiety. That sits awake with wide eyes at night, knowing that his re-election is possible.

You think the US is on fire now? Just wait for this election. Shit is about to go down.

So, grab your wine, it’s going to be a wild ride.


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