Hello beautiful people from all over!

So Rachel and I made it to Colorado and so far everything is grand. It seems as though our search for work is coming to a close, but we are still crossing our fingers. You should, too! We’ve applied for a lot of jobs.

A lot. Of. Jobs.

We had a lot of interviews here and there and everywhere. Some good, some crap, and some great. (I had more crap ones) When we weren’t job hunting we pretty much drank a lot of beer and hiked. We also biked, but that was usually to a bar to drink more beer. I mean other than that…we haven’t done all that much, but we’re pretty satisfied.

However, one of the rad-er things we’ve done while we’ve been here is a private tour of New Belgium Brewing (we aren’t sorry). Straight up private, behind the scenes, laboratory-chemisty-beer shit.



The guy in the background is Mr. Ballin’-ass New Belgium Employee that hooked us up. The other photo shows the employee bar in which we poured our own beers…and won.

Anyway, that’s all I really got for now. Thanks for sticking around to see what we’re up to.

Much love & ☮


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