Two nights ago I signed a lease. Now typically after signing a lease there’s no turning back. This isn’t me saying that this situation has some exception, this is me reiterating that there’s no turning back.

In August I’ll be living in Boulder, Colorado, something I’ve wanted for almost two years.

Pretty badass, right?

What’s even better?

I’m moving with my best friend.


I’ve known this lady since Kindergarden & like we always have to mention…I’m 20 minutes older.


Now obviously there are many emotions hitting me at this point in time. One minute I’m 100% certain that I’ll get out there and succeed at everything I want to do/be able to support myself/will be “just fine” and the next minute I’m going to fall on my ass/cry everyday/never find a job. Maryland has been my home for my entire life and regardless of how ‘old’ it is for me everything is here.

Some things I am certain about. I know this move will help me grow and figure out a bit more about myself. It will also be a really good test: Kait has no choice but to find work and support herself 1,700 miles from home. There’s really no other option. So this is obviously testing myself and how quickly I can get my shit together. & the two things I need to do this?

1. Tenacity-during the job search, at the interview, and at the job.

2. Confidence-in myself.

I’ve already been told by multiple people that they wish they would have done something like this at my age. My thoughts are that they didn’t want it badly enough.

Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.

My thoughts right now?


Looks like I need to start getting my shit together.

♥ & ☮    I’m out ✌



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