Sometimes the most enjoyable experiences come from exploring on your own. So today I decided to do just that.

 I was initially pissed because I hate snow. I have vented about snow for extended amounts of time, and while it doesn’t solve anything, it feels pretty damn good.

Today I chose to do the opposite. Schools closed early so I didn’t have to help the kiddos with violin at Highlandtown Elem. so I grabbed a coffee from Zeke’s and headed to Lake Montabello to take some photos. However, my camera proceeded to die shortly thereafter so I enjoyed the scenery and headed back to Waverly to check out a local joint I was recently told about.

Normals Book Store.

So rad. I stood there wondering why I hadn’t seen this earlier-I can walk to it from my home. I’ve been in many bookstores like this in Portland, Niantic, and Denver…and always wished there were some in Baltimore…


photo 2-7photo 1-9

photo 3-6

I will be adventuring again soon.


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