Ladies, as we all know New Year’s Eve is a night on the town holiday. You wear the dress you bought specifically for the occasion and you get all dolled up either for your hot date, your love, or the random guy you’re going to meet at the bar whose only purpose is to be the one you kiss when the ball drops…or when the fireworks begin…or for whatever is happening around you when the countdown reaches 1. It’s supposed to work like those romantic scenes you see on television…

It’s five minutes until midnight when you leave the bar. You’re dashing down the street mazing through the crowds of people hand in hand with the most handsome man you’ve ever laid eyes on, and he’s yours. Your heart is racing not only because you’re sprinting after drinking vodka, but because you don’t know if you’ll make it to the pier by midnight. Out of breath or not you’re still grinning like a  fool because you could not be happier. As you approach your destination you hear the crowd counting down the last seven seconds of the year. Right as they reach 1 you’ve somehow made it to the pier and you pull your love close…kiss them…fireworks also begin over the water. 

A surreal moment that you’re never suppose to forget…

…and trust me, I won’t.



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