I’m not saying I am against new years resolutions but I’m not saying I am all about them either. They work for some people but for many they do not. Why are waiting for a new year to begin something new or different anyway? Why are we waiting to do begin something we could start right at that moment you first think about it? Or better yet–why, Marylanders, are we waiting to begin this “new journey” when it’s 13 degrees outside? That’s not motivating me. I think I’ll stay in bed with my cozy feather down duvet. And finally, to end my rant, what is so different between Dec 31 & Jan 01 beside the beside the irritating need to remember that we have to write 2014 when we sign into the gym? It takes me about a month to get it straight. But to answer my own question, I felt the same after entering the new year. In fact, I always do. Maybe a little more hungover than my average Wednesday morning, but you get the point.

Point: Why wait? Make a change when it needs to be made. Waiting for a new year only makes it a bigger challenge. My 2014 resolution you ask?

1. Continue to be genuine to others. Do things for those you love and expect nothing in return.

2. Continue to try new things. [VIOLIN VIOLIN VIOLIN. I CAN OVERCOME THIS FEAR.]

3. Continue to tone up the bod. [THREE DAYS A WEEK DAMMIT. LETS GO.]

4. Continue to give very few fucks about things that really don’t deserve fucks given to them. [DONE.]

5. Continue to learn.  Not just in school but also from experience. But don’t go quitting school just yet. [EXPERIENCE>EDUCATION]

…because I began all of these things in 2013…scattered throughout 2013…when changes needed to happen.


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