It seems as though the theme of this fall is seeing old friends. I love this. Alex and I grew up in the same neighborhood. We played soccer and went through grade school together. She attends college in VA so we see each other when she’s in town. Her grandparents live on the same property as she and they have a huge farm. Every fall a group of us gather on their property and they do hayrides on their tractor!

This was my first time!


I also had my holiday concert at the beginning of Dec. This concert is always a lot of fun. & by fun I mean easy. I keep this orchestra youthful, at least that’s what I’m told. Manfred here it showing off his red nails. You’re welcome, Manfred.

2013-12-07 21.26.08

Reconnecting with these ladies. We were at Looney’s, not because we wanted to, but because we were celebrating the 3 year anniversary of getting pranked in the establishment. One of the most embarrassing moments of our lives. But now it’s time to celebrate it.

2013-11-27 20.32.22 2013-11-27 22.31.58

^our signature face. So gross.

2013-12-11 19.14.20

AND BETHANY. Inseparable before college began. Thank God we can always pick up where we left off.

2013-12-15 21.29.55

My first work party with these beautiful ladies! SO lucky to have wonderful coworkers. Can’t deny free food & drank either.

2013-12-21 20.08.40-2

& it isn’t Christmas without the party!

2013-12-21 23.38.04

And the ugly faces! (instead of the ugly sweaters) (notice the signature face again…)


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