My true love.
It feels amazing to be back here, and I have been absolutely enthusiastic beyond belief.

After meeting my pops at the airport we headed into Denver for dinner at Wynkoop (amazing as always), hit a couple of shops as well as the Denver Art Museum (again-& it never gets old), and headed north to Loveland.
The next morning that man awoke me from my slumber at 7:30. Ugh. It was game on. After an awesome breakfast in Estes Park we headed to the trails of the Smokey mountains where we proceeded to hike our asses off. We both like to get away from the people and do our own thing. And that’s exactly what we did. We climbed all over boulders, on the trail, off the trail…we covered some ground for sure.
Note to self: 12,000 foot elevation + running = a horrible idea, esp if you plan on living to see tomorrow.

Hike your ass off: check.

The following day we got a late start considering that we basically slept 12 hours. We finally made it into Boulder where I was able to show my dad the campus of the university I want to attend for graduate school. He approves. I approve. Lets do this.

We finished up the day drinking and shopping our way down Pearl St. Leaving the town was heartbreaking, but having the opportunity to be there again motivated me even further to bust my ass and get out there by May.

Needless to say, it’s go time. ✌



Not entirely sure what we were doing here but it matched.





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