Time to get updated from my long summer!

I was recently fortunate enough to travel to Colorado with a lovely and spontaneous friend of mine, Juli. We flew out to Denver and rented a car which took us over 800 miles across the beautiful state. I left my heart in Boulder–living in that city is in my near future. I can feel it.

I’ll share a few favorites from each place we visited.


We arrived to the Denver National Airport around 12:30am and had absolutely NO clue how to get to our hostel. After looking at several maps and talking to a few locals I found myself lying on the concrete waiting 45 minutes for a bus, or shuttle, or taxi…I can’t even remember. I was exhausted. We somehow got to our hostel and immediately passed out. We woke up to find that we were rooming with 4 other girls from all over the world; however, we were so busy we barely got to know them. It is still neat to think about. We quickly fell in love with the city and it’s beautiful people and architecture.


Downtown Denver for a lovely dinner.


This entire building IS A LIBRARY. 0.0



Red Rocks Amphitheater, not far out of Denver.

Boulder. I fucking love this place.

The minute we got into Boulder, I fell in love. Beside the amazing beds we were finally able to sleep in in our amazing hotel, the town, the people, the food, AND THE LATTES were absolutely lovely here. Juli and I began our time here in Avery Brewery (amazing) and spend both evenings on Pearl Street jammin’ with a street pianist. This man also wrote me a poem during the second evening on pearl street! http://www.poemswhileyouwait.com

Our second full day was spent exploring the mountains, aka driving 7,200 ft and hiking around, and hanging out around the U of Co, Boulder campus. Our time here ended in a small on campus contemporary art museum that was filled with fun & middle aged women rolling around on the floor with us! No, I’m serious.


U of Co, Boulder’s amazing campus!


Around the Flagstaff Amphitheater hiking around!


Some lovely scenery on our way to Nederland.


Boulder’s Contemporary Museum of Art.

On our way to Colorado Springs we were able to stop in a lovely town called, Nederland, as well as a Hot Spring in Idaho Springs.


Sun Dance Cafe!




Idaho Springs.

Colorado Springs.

Ohhh, Colorado Springs, you were not my favorite place, that’s for sure! While the people there were pretty nice, there is a whole different vibe when you go south! However, we made the most of our time and explored, explored, explored! We became the typical tourists and explored Garden of the Gods as well as Pike’s Peak…by train! Manitou defined what a real hippy was. That place blew my mind…and we somehow ended up on TV. Sounds like a win to me. Did I mention that the ratio of men to women is 4:1? That became obvious real quickly.


Garden of the Gods




Pike’s Peak. 14,000 ft…


Why not? I don’t see anyone else doing it…probably for a reason….


After Colorado Springs began the FOREVER journey to Mosca, Co, where the sand dunes resided. We stopped in Buena Vista which  ended up being a lovely break from our 3+ hour drive. As soon as we arrived to the sand dunes it stormed. We went into the sand regardless and while it looks like fun in the photos, I’ve never been sand blasted so hard in my entire life. Worth it? I think so. We then made our way to Alamosa to get some din din, ice cream, and good rest for our drive back to Denver the following morning.


A wise older man’s home/antique store!


Having fun in the beauty of no where.


Driving into the storm.


Beautiful sand dunes!

How we ended in Albuquerque? Good question. We asked ourselves the same question multiple times throughout our 22 hour stay…

2013-08-23 16.46.56 2013-08-23 18.53.20 2013-08-23 19.45.26


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