Some cool architecture caught my eye as soon I arrived in town.

Train Station

I hopped on the train and headed for Jenna’s apt. North Chicago–Melrose Ave.


Then this happened. & it was delicious!


Michigan Ave–aka The Magnificent Mile!


We stopped by the Art Institute of Chicago and saw some really famous artwork!

The Old Guitarist by Picasso, Van Gough’s Bedroom, Waterlilies by Monet, and an entire Roy Lichtenstein gallery.


We then went to The Water Tower Place–a 7 story mall!

the bean

The reflection of the city on The Bean!


Sears Tower–aka The Skydeck. The second highest building in America. 108 stories; 1,452 feet.

We were above the clouds!

& of course the Disney store! She was mocking the facial expressions of many stuffed animals.




We came across a ventriloquist in town!


One of many downtown fountains.

The view from the ferris wheel on Navy Pier.


Navy Pier Park! (not as exciting as expected)

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