Last but certainly not least…my ancestor’s stomping grounds!


Immediately began posing in front of the notorious cathedral.


It wasn’t until I went inside that I fell over and died. Construction began in the 13th Century, paused in the 15th Century, and was finally completed in the 19th century. Although it was severely damaged in WWII, it remained standing, and was repaired in the 50’s.


I inevitably found a jazz bar; Papa Joe’s. I danced my butt off until midnight. I may have sensed that I was the life of the party. AS IT SHOULD BE.


We drank a lot of Kolsh while watching the World Cup, then proceeded to drink Hefeweizen. Because Germany, that’s why.


Observations: German’s are nice to you even if you don’t speak their language. The beer is the best; it puts Colorado to shame.