This was one of my favorite trips I have ever taken. Jenna and I made a plan to visit Pam in Maine 2 months prior to going. Pam had no idea Jenna was even coming. The three of us have been friends for like twenty years and we were always considered the trio but between college and life we saw much less of each other. Pam moved to Maine, I moved to Colorado and Jenna has ended up in DC! Jenna and I were SO excited for this trip.

She came up to Baltimore the night before we left and we stayed at Arvind’s apartment, conveniently next to the light rail, since he was out of town. 5:30 came way too soon. Before we knew it we were up and heading to the airport.

We landed around 10am and headed straight to downtown Portland, bags and all. We wondered into Northeast Portland right on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. We tossed our bags on the beach and laid around in the sun for a good while. We definitely looked something similar to well-dressed hobos. We stayed there until we were able to check into our Air B and B. Our host was not at all accommodating so that ended up being around 3pm. Anyway, we threw our things inside and headed to Allagash Brewery Co for a brew tour where Pam was going to meet “me.”

We got to Allagash and we were trying to figure out how to surprise Pam. We were asking the employees and pacing around in thought as if this was the most important life decision, it was too funny. Pam ended up getting there five minutes after the tour started so I waited outside for her while Jenna went in to “blend into the tour.” Turns out, that meant standing in the back of the crowd so that Pam saw her before seeing anyone else. *face palm* It was so hilarious because it was so typical.

I think Pam was surprised? Pam is SO hard to surprise which is why we were stressing! Anyway, it was great to be reunited! We ended up hanging out for the rest of the day, hit up some dinner as well as a nice cocktail bar, the Portland Hunt and Alpine Club.

The following day, Jenna and I headed back downtown for a morning stroll, some breakfast, and more clam chowder at Gilbert’s Chowder House. (SO good 🙌) It does not matter what time you eat clam chowder, this is Portland. We then took a ferry ride to Peaks Island. We had a few hours to kill before heading back to meet Pam so we took a walk around a good portion of the island, again with our bags. We took a small off road detour to the Battery Steele, a military fortification built in 1942 for WWII, built to protect Casco Bay and Portland’s Harbor. It was actually pretty erie.

Once we got back (land ho!) we headed to Shipyard Brewing Co and pounded a load of samples until Pam got there. We spent the rest of the day in Ogunquit and the evening in Portsmouth, NH. We ran into some really nice live music, the Red Tail Hawk band, at Book and Bar, too!

The following day Pam had to work in the morning so the rest of us took at a walk on Marginal Way in downtown Ogunquit, that is, after the sloth queen awoke from her ten hour slumber. 💕 Later in the day we packed a picnic and headed to Mt. Agamenticus for the sunset.

We ended the night with The Blair Witch Project (original) for whatever reason and it was definitely not a good movie. LOL.

We woke up early AF on Sunday and headed to Boston for our flights home. Pam and Garrett were awesome hosts, much better than our Air B and B witch, and I cannot wait to go back!